Episode 2 Show Notes

Episode 2: Chavocado Pudding

Intro: Courtney….Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like

my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they are get through. Absorbed into the body 

so that nothing gets lost, When you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the

boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay

your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots of fun,

Your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney: Hi and welcome to Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney and this is my great 

friend Paige Welch from Empowered Plant Cakes.  Paige is going to show us how to 

make a delicious chocolate avocado pudding today, which I have named Chavocado 

pudding. And I’m really excited to have Paige here because she is like the Yoda of raw 

vegan food. She’s been making raw vegan food, these cakes for how long? Paige?

Paige: Six years now.

Courtney: What got you started?

Paige: I have a six year old son and so for his first birthday he hadn’t had any cane 

sugar and we had been eating a plant based diet. We had been picking vegetables 

from the garden and making him his own baby food. So I wanted to make him a 

cake without, you know, all the added sugar and flour. And so I did some research 

And made him a berry and lemon raw vegan cake.

Courtney: So what would you say to moms who say, I don’t have time to do that?

Paige: Call me!

Courtney: Okay, well I did that. So now we’re going to make this delicious chavocado 

pudding and we’ve got two organic beautifully perfect avocados that we put in here and 

the recipe calls for three, but these were huge so Paige said we just need two, and 

then we’re going to have one later on a salad, so that’s good. I’ll have it leftover. 

And then we have three fourths cup of pitted dates here and you’ll see that these dates 

have been soaking in water for an hour and you always want to soften any dried fruits 

to make it easier for your food processor or your Vitamix.  I have clean 

hands here and I’m just going to use my nice clean hands to drain out this water. And 

then I’m just going to put these dates right in my Breville 16 cup sous chef food 

processor that I love that I just found out Paige has.

Paige: The same one.

Courtney: The same one, so I feel really smart that I have the same thing that she has. 

Okay, now what Paige?

Paige: So next we’re going to add in a half a cup of raw cacao powder.

Courtney: Okay

Paige: So cacao powder, it’s important to use the raw one versus refined cocoa 


Courtney: Okay, why is that?

Paige: It hasn’t been heated, so it has all the enzymes in its still and it’s not as 


Courtney: Okay. So can I add this almond butter?

Paige: Yes

Courtney: Next? All right, so we made this almond butter and nut butters are so easy to 

make. All you do is pop the nuts in your food processor for 10 to 20 minutes depending 

on how strong it is and it’ll make nut butter for you. But before that, you just want to 

make sure that you soak your nuts overnight. You always want to soak your nuts 

overnight to get off any acids and enzyme inhibitors. You can see that the water is 

Brown. This is not good stuff. That’s why a lot of people say, I can’t eat nuts. They upset 

my stomach. That’s why, because they’re buying them not soaked. 

And that’s what’s really important about this lifestyle, because even if you wanted to, 

even if money was no object, you can’t buy raw almond butter where the nuts have 

been soaked in the stores. They just don’t have the time to do that. And so anytime 

you’re buying, even if it’s raw organic almond butter from the store, you’re getting all the 

acid that’s been on the nuts and all the enzyme inhibitors, that haven’t been rinsed off, 

so your body’s not going to be able to digest them. So that’s why I’m really passionate 

about bringing one raw recipe each week so that you can be empowered to make this 

stuff on your own because you can’t even buy it. And it’s expensive. So that’s what 

we’re going to do today, is empower you to make your own delicious chavocado 

pudding. Your kids are going to love this stuff and there’s 

no refined sugar or anything in it. So what do we do now Paige?

Paige: So next we add one teaspoon of cinnamon.

Courtney: Okay.

Paige: And one teaspoon of vanilla. And we’re ready to put the lid on.

Courtney: Okay, so we’re not going to do our coconut cream now.

Paige: No. I recommend when you’re putting dates into a food processor and liquid, 

sometimes they can just get a little much and explode. So I like to get the dates going 

first and add in the coconut cream later.

Courtney: How long should we let that food processor go?

Paige: For about 30 seconds. You can hear in the processor now, the dates being 

ground out.

Paige: Okay, just going to get a little spatula.

Paige: We can take it off too.

Courtney: Just take it off.

Paige: Perfect, that looks so good. So we should take it off, scrape the sides.

Courtney: See that? It looks so good. It already looks perfect Paige and it smells 

perfect. Are you sure you need the coconut cream?

Paige: Yeah, we’re going to add just a little bit and we want the dates to get a little bit 

more ground down.

Courtney: Okay. All right, so I’ll help you out. So all of this?

Paige: Let’s just start with that.

Courtney: Okay. So what’d you say that’s half?

Paige: Yeah. Don’t you just want to lick the spoon? That was like less than five minutes 

that took no time.

Courtney: At all. Okay. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes.

Paige: Sweet. So now we’re scooping this into little bowls and we’re going to let it chill 

in the fridge for a few hours. What I like to do is you can top this with raw cacao nibs. 

You could freeze dry some fruits in your dehydrator.

Courtney: I have some cacao nibs. I think I’ll get some. It’s such a perfect moose that it 

doesn’t even need to be refrigerated, unless you want it cold.

Paige: This is brilliant. 

Courtney: It’s hard to believe there are no bananas in it. There is not and it’s so good. 

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Courtney: This is so good. Okay, Paige I don’t know if you know this but we like to end 

every show with a rap about what we just made, so I’m really feeling inspired.

Paige: Ready for this?

Courtney’s Rap: Making chavocado pudding with my girl Paige. You know, this stuff is 

amazing, it’s all the rage. All the boys and girls want it and so do I. You know it’s better 

than an order of some salty fries. It curbs your sweet tooth, and your cravings when 

you make this stuff, all your fans will be raving. You don’t need a stove or an oven to 

cook… Just a blender, dehydrator and Courtney Uncooked.