Episode 16 Show Notes

Episode 16 Raw Chocolate Bird’s Nests w/ special guest Alex Williams

Intro:  Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they all get through. Absorbed into the body so that nothing gets lost when you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots

of fun, your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. Courtney… Courtney Uncooked.

 Courtney: Hi everyone I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my dear sweet, amazing friend Alex. And Alex is here today for our Easter episode. Did you have a great Easter yesterday?

Alex: It was so great, yes.

Courtney: Yes? You know, I had a really hard time this year figuring out where I wanted to spend Easter. I mean, I just couldn’t decide, the living room, the kitchen, the front porch. I just, you know, so I spent it on the porch most of the day. How about you, where did you spend your Easter?

Alex: Yeah, actually out in the yard.

Courtney: Oooh Fancy, fancy I can’t keep up with you, out in the yard. So we’re just going to keep Easter going today and make these delicious raw vegan Easter spring-like chocolate bird’s nests. They are so good. There’s no added refined sugar. It’s plenty sweet and delicious. It’s going to be a perfect dessert, but super healthy. So before we get started, please remember to like Courtney Uncooked on Facebook, follow Courtney Uncooked on Instagram and subscribe to Courtney Uncooked on YouTube. And also make sure you hit that notification button so you can get my one free raw vegan recipe delivered straight to you each week for free. That’s right. You don’t have to do anything, but if you do try it, I’d love for you to, you know, send me a message with you, tag me in it and tell me what you thought about it and if you didn’t like it, don’t tell me that. Just kidding: Be honest.

Courtney: And then of course, if you have a recipe you want to see on Courtney Uncooked or if you’d like to be on the show, just send me a message and hopefully we can make that happen too. This girl is so amazing. She just has, I’m sure you can feel it, from where you’re at. But she just has the most amazing energy. She’s one of those people when she walks into the room, you just smile when you see her. You just smile. And I hear that her food is like that too. When people know she’s cooking, they just start smiling and run on, hey, Oh, I was just in the neighborhood Alex, what have you been making?

Courtney: So, I wanted to actually show Alex how to make something today. I’m going to show her how to make my super simple raw Easter bird’s nest. So before we get started, you know, tell us a little bit about your cooking. What inspired you? When did you go vegan? How’d you get started? What’s going on?

Alex: Great. Yeah, so I went vegan about nine years ago.

Courtney: Wow, I’m at five.

Alex: Yeah, that’s great. And I just felt like after learning so much about the factory farming, I just, I couldn’t choose to eat animals anymore, really.

Courtney: Right.

Alex: And I got into cooking because I was learning how to make all these delicious foods, vegan foods. Yeah.

Courtney: What is your purpose in life Alex? Because today, you know, we’re in deep times, so now Courtney Uncooked goes deep too.

Alex: Yeah. I guess I wasn’t expecting to go so deep on Courtney Uncooked today.

Courtney: I know it’s a deep world we’re living in.

Alex: My life’s purpose, I would have to say it’s to be the highest version of myself, you know, and to be the best version of myself so I can serve others and help them be the best version of themselves too.

Courtney: Well, I mean, would you agree that eating a healthy diet is like the most important thing you can do to be the highest version of yourself?

Alex: So important because you have to nourish the body, take care of the body.

Courtney: Right. So, okay, well let’s teach them how to make a healthy dessert today. So alright I’m going to boss you around.

Alex: Please do.

Courtney: So first we’re going to combine these four ingredients in the bowl. So we’re going to get a tablespoon of coconut oil. And then we’ve got two tablespoons of cacao powder, this is our healthy chocolate. And then we’ve got three tablespoons of any nut butter of your choice tahini is probably going to be one of the healthiest. I didn’t have any tahini so today we’re having some crunchy peanut butter that I made right here. And then, of course, we’ve got a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup. You know maple syrup is not technically raw. It is boiled down tree sap, but we’re not cooking it today. It’s uncooked so it makes the cut. We’re going to combine these first four ingredients and then once we have a nice, even consistency, we’re going to add the rest here.

Courtney: I eat healthy, I do yoga and I read the devotional. What else can we do? You know what, I’m just going to add these while you’re going.

Alex: Please do.

Courtney: So we’ll show them, we’ve got like a little pudding-like consistency here, so I’m going to make your job a little more difficult.

Alex: Okay.

Courtney: I’m going to give you a half a cup of oat flour. Oat flour is super simple to make you just take oats and grind them up in a coffee grinder. My friend, Darien Aybar with the Broketarian taught me that, the coffee grinder trick. And then we’ve got a teaspoon of golden Sesame seeds. You can also use Brown Sesame seeds, almonds. I like to use slivered almonds because these are going to look like little twigs in our bird’s nest. I think it looks pretty good. Can we show them so they can see that?

Alex: Yeah, sort of forming a nice ball.

Courtney: Like a ball of dough.

Alex: Yeah.

Courtney: Okay. All right so we’ll keep going. And then what I’m going to have you do is when you feel like it’s all one consistency, it’s just kind of spoon out a tablespoon, roll it into a ball, put it on the plate or you can do it on your hand, whatever you want. And then we’re going to open up a little cavity and put in our eggs, and our eggs here today are just almonds, almonds that have been peeled, so we always soak our nuts. And so once you soak nuts for a couple of hours, it’s very easy to just pop the skins off. And so you see cookies like this and they’ve got the M&M’s and the fake colored candies and stuff on them. You do not want to eat that stuff. You want to keep it super raw and natural, especially today keep your immune system high and stay as healthy as you can. So we’re going to use all-natural eggs today and they’re going to taste delicious with the chocolate. You know almonds and chocolate. Also, you could use Brazil nuts, those are good too. But I always have raw almonds in my cabinet, so that’s what we’re using today. So then you’re just going to take a plate with a piece of parchment paper on it so it doesn’t stick. And you see she made it into a nice bowl and then she’s pushing out.

Alex: Making a nest shape.

Courtney: Yes, she’s making a nest set.

Alex: Is that good, how’s that?

Courtney: Yes, that’s really good. And you just kind of set that there and then you want to just put some eggs in it.

Alex: Sure I thought you were going to do it.

Courtney: I’ll do it you’re right.

Alex: Bird mama, right?

Courtney: Chirp, chirp, chirp here little babies. But see, that’s so healthy, no fake colors. And wait until you try this. I mean, these are delicious. So we do recommend that you put them in the refrigerator or freezer for a while to harden them up. However, if you know me, you know that I have no patience and that I eat everything as soon as I make it, whether it says refrigerated or not. But these are delicious refrigerated or just like there are.

Alex: That’s a beauty though, raw treats.

Courtney: Beautiful nests. Yeah. So why do you love, because you made a lot of raw vegan desserts, what do you love about it?

Alex: Well, raw vegan desserts are so much healthier than a baked vegan dessert with processed sugar and added fat and gluten.

Courtney: Yeah. There’s no processed sugar.

Alex: This is just all good for you. It’s full of like nutrient-rich, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Courtney: And these cookies are delicious. And they only had, you know, a tiny little bit of coconut oil in them. I mean, they’re not bad at all. Those are beautiful and here we go.

Alex: Okay.

Courtney: And we’ll just cheers to being the best version of ourselves this spring, becoming the butterflies that we know we are, and just getting better and better. Thank you, my friend.

Alex: Thank you, Courtney.

Courtney Rapping: Me and my girl Alex are making raw chocolate nests, these things are delicious they’re really the best. They’re sure to keep you in that Easter mood and remember to share em don’t be rude. The chocolate and tahini are a perfect combo they’ll make you want to dance for Mambo. No you don’t need a stove or an oven to cook, just a blender, dehydrator, and Courtney Uncooked.