Episode 23 Show Notes

Mary Sydney’s Simple Strawberry Smoothie with special guest Mary Sydney Black       

Intro:  Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they all get through. Absorbed into the body so 

that nothing gets lost when you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots of fun, your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. Courtney… Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my dear friend, Mary Sydney.

Mary: Aloha.

Courtney: And I love Mary Sydney because we’ve been friends for, I don’t know, eight or nine years and I have never seen Mary Sydney upset. She’s always smiling, always happy, everyone at the beach just considers Mary Sydney, like their second mom or mom they never had and I’m sure we all complain to her about the other one sometimes, yeah, but she’s just great. And we actually used to work together in a pretty toxic environment and somehow Mary Sydney, no matter what happened to us was always smiling, always laughing, saw the good in everything. She’s one of those friends that pull you up and especially during a time like today, it’s really important, the company you keep and if you can keep Mary Sydney by your side, you are lucky enough. So, thank you for coming today.

 Mary: Keep calm and sparkle on.

 Courtney: Yes. What’s the secret to you always staying happy and smiling?

 Mary: Fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of them, plenty of them.

 Courtney: Oh, that’s what I want to hear. I paid her to say that. Okay, so I…

 Mary: Farmer’s daughter.

 Courtney: I called Mary Sydney and I was really bummed out about the strawberry festival  getting canceled and so Mary Sydney said, honey, every day’s a strawberry festival!  So, we went strawberry picking, we have some strawberries here and I’m just so excited to make this. And you know, these are full of antioxidants, strawberries. They lower cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, say that five times and they’re just really good to have and they’re in season now.

 Mary: Yes, and they’re my favorite color.

Courtney: Yes, the color red, the color of my lips. So, what was cool about this recipe is it only has a few ingredients. And when I pulled out the ingredients, all of them in my refrigerator were about to go bad. So, I had a wilted heart of romaine lettuce and I just peeled off the outside, cut it and now I have about half a heart of romaine, which is what goes in the recipe. My bananas were turning black and you know, the old me would’ve thrown these black bananas in some banana bread, but the new raw angel Courtney is going to throw these in a smoothie instead and then the same thing with the strawberries. You know, sometimes we have great intentions when we’re buying our fruits and vegetables, but then we get sick of eating them, frankly  you just don’t want another strawberry, you’ve eaten two huge things of it. So, sometimes when I feel like that, I’ll just throw those fruits and veggies in a smoothie. So, it was just crazy that the things you told me to put in the smoothie I had and were about to go bad.

 Mary: Absolutely. I love to go down to Pungo and pick fresh strawberries. I pick about five pounds at a time and then I put them in airtight containers in your refrigerator. And they will last for quite a while until you go strawberry picking or go back to the grocery store again. And then as Courtney says if they turn a little dark, just make a smoothie.

 Courtney: And you should always, I just really want to stress this, buy organic strawberries, anything you’re going to be eating the skin, you definitely want to have organic, but things like avocados or bananas where you’re actually peeling off that skin, you don’t have to buy organic, you should if possible if you’re able to. But sometimes it’s not available.

 Mary: Yes.

Courtney: Especially today. You can’t get everything you… once we took for granted. Now you go to the store and sometimes it’s slim picking. So just remember that, it has a skin it’s got to be organic or just pass on it. If it has skin you can peel away, you can probably get away with it.

 Mary: And there are organic strawberry fields down in Pungo, Cullipher’s Farm, has the organic, so just Google strawberries in Virginia Beach and you’ll find the organic farms and you can go picking and take your kids and take your whole family.

 Courtney: Yeah, yeah. Alright so this is super simple. We’ve just got one cup of strawberries…

 Mary: I’ll peel this for you.

Courtney: And we’re just going to do two bananas. And then you said half a heart of romaine, but this is actually a little bit more because I love this. I was so shocked that I loved this in the smoothie.

 Mary: Well, there are plenty of antioxidants in romaine lettuce, you know that.

 Courtney: Hello, yes, I’ll be right with you. Yeah. We’re just going to make this smoothie and I’ll be outside. Okay, good. Alright. And then the romaine heart…

 Mary: Yes.

 Courtney: And then we’ve got two cups…

 Mary: Of purified water.

 Courtney: Of purified alkaline water, preferably if you have a Kangen machine or a Berkey machine.

Mary: Yes, yes.

Courtney: And then that’s it. Now I will warn you, the color is not the prettiest thing…

 Mary: No.

 Courtney: But the taste is amazing, it tastes nothing like it looks, yeah. Now how much do you do it? I mean, I do it a lot. I like all the little bits gone. What do you prefer?

 Mary: Definitely, I like mine a little bit chunky actually Courtney.

 Courtney: Oh you like it chunky?

 Mary: Yes, yes. I like it a little chunky.

 Courtney: Maybe we will meet in the middle?

 Mary: Yes, yes there you go.

Courtney: Okay. So of course, you can also do this with frozen bananas, but I didn’t have any frozen. I had these they’re about to go bad. So, but having the strawberries refrigerated, and also the romaine lettuce refrigerated, this is just nice, cold and delicious and I was fine not having a frozen banana so,

 Mary: Right, and then you can put a little bit of ice in it if you want to, a little bit of crushed ice, but it really isn’t necessary.

 Courtney: It’s not necessary…

 Mary: No.

 Courtney: If I believe…

 Mary: Thank you.

 Courtney: The strawberries are refrigerated, you know, if it’s at least one or two of the ingredients are refrigerated, I think you can get away with it.

 Mary: Absolutely. To your health.

 Courtney: So actually, this is a prettier color than what I had the other day.

 Mary: Okay.

 Courtney: That’s a little bit pink, the other day, mine was a little gray. I needed you with me to make it great.

 Mary: That’s right there you go.

 Courtney: So, what are we toasting to my friend?

 Mary: To good health always…

 Courtney: To good health. 

Mary: And to raw…

 Courtney: Raw.

 Mary: Raw veggies and fruits.

 Courtney: Yes, we’re RAWstafarians.

 Mary: It’s delicious, yes.

 Courtney: Super simple, easy breezy. Every day is a strawberry festival. I’m just feeling so inspired Mary Sydney.

 Mary: Strawberry fields forever!

 Courtney Rapping: Me and Mary Sydney are making a strawberry smoothie. You’re really going love it, it’s super groovy. It’s got one cup of strawberries and two bananas. Try it all summer long from your cabana. The secret ingredient is a heart of romaine. Your family will love this, they won’t complain. No, you don’t need a stove or an oven to cook, just a blender, dehydrator, and Courtney Uncooked.Announcer: Want to be independent and self-reliant like Courtney Uncooked? Well you can and the time is now with your very own indoor tower garden, you can grow up to 32 plants, herbs, and flowers in a very small amount of space. And with very little effort, no dirt, snakes, or manure to worry about no shovel required. Check now for all the details and take your life back into your own hands.