Episode 29 Show Notes

Diane’s Down Home Raw Slaw with special guest Diane Sessoms

Intro:  Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they all get through. Absorbed into the body so that nothing gets lost when you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots

of fun, your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. 

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my dear sweet friend, Diane Sessoms, and Diane and I have been friends for over 10 years. And she’s just one of those people who’s not even like a friend, she’s family. We have been through so many ups and downs, highs, and lows in the last 10 years. Just great vacations together and exciting business opportunities…

Diane: Yes.

Courtney: We’ve watched each other do. And then we’ve been through numerous deaths and catastrophes, and now being the worst, one of all, but Diane is still there. So, we’re glad to have you here today.

Diane: Thank you for having me on the show.

Courtney: Yes, and I’m excited to repay the favor because every time I go to Diane’s house when she knows that I’m coming, she’s like, well, let me get off the phone so I can make you some juice or I can make you a salad or make you something. She never lets me arrive empty-handed. And so now we’re doing that today and this is actually something she prepared for me at her house. Diane’s down-home coleslaw. Raw Slaw is what I like to call it.

Diane: Raw slaw. I love it.

Courtney: Yes. And so, I loved it when I had it at her house and now, we’re going to share it with you today, but before we get started, Diane, just tell us a little bit about you, about your exciting new business.

Diane: Well, I’m a licensed esthetician and a celebrity master makeup artist.

Courtney: And Diane actually grew up on a vegetable farm so she knows everything about veggies.

Diane: I grew up on spinach.

Courtney: You love veggies.

Diane: Yeah, I loved it.

Courtney: You can tell, I mean, you look great.

Diane: We are what we eat.

Courtney: Yes, yes, we are. So, we’re going to…

Diane: So today we are cabbage and…

Courtney: We’re just going to…

Diane: Carrots.

Courtney: Have a great time. And you know, even if you’re making coleslaw and you mess it up and you just can’t get it right,do you know what that’s called? Murphy’s Slaw. But it’s okay. You really can’t mess this up. You just throw it all in a bowl, mix it up and you’re ready to go. And I love this because you know it’s summertime, this is a great thing that you can take to a party.

Diane: Yup

Courtney: And there’s no mayonnaise in it so it’s not going to go bad

Diane: You can add broccoli shredded.

Courtney: Oh yeah. Like any cruciferous vegetable would be great in this.

Diane: Cauliflower, squash, zucchini squash, yellow squash, peppers…

Courtney: Asparagus.

Diane: Asparagus. I added a few red peppers today, but if you added green peppers, jalapeno peppers, 

Courtney: But I don’t think you need to add anything because…

Diane: This is really good.

Courtney: I have had it just like this…

Diane: This is perfect.

Courtney: And it is delicious. But I love that you make a lot of stuff with cabbage, I’ve noticed and cabbage is full of Vitamin C.

Diane: Yes.

Courtney: And it promotes your immune system.

Diane: It’s great for your skin.

Courtney: And that’s what we all need today. Yes. It builds elasticity and who doesn’t want to look younger

Diane: That’s right.

Courtney: I do.

Diane: Everybody I see wants to look younger.

Courtney: Right.

Diane: It’s my industry.

Courtney: So, we’re just going to get started. We’re going to put two cups of purple cabbage in our mixing bowl and then two cups of green cabbage. And I just love the color of this salad, it’s just like a rainbow. Put that in there and then a couple of cups of shredded carrots yes. And Diane was a doll. She cut and shredded everything for me, she wouldn’t let me do anything. So, I appreciate that. And then we’ve got some fresh parsley from my tower garden, and parsley is awesome because it’s full of antioxidants. It’s just great. And parsley tastes really good with that.

Diane: It’s also good for your eyesight too.

Courtney: Carrots and beta carotene protects…

Diane: Protects your eyes.

Courtney: Your eyesight too. Yeah. And again, this coleslaw is great to take…

Diane: It’s a party in the pan.

Courtney: It is. This is so great to take to a party. You’re going to be a hit. And in fact, …

Diane: Yeah.

Courtney: What did Santa Clause bring to the party? Coleslaw la la la la law. All right. So, we’re going to add in…I won’t quit my day job, don’t worry. I’m going to add in some sesame seeds and some sunflower seeds I just always think about baseball, take me out to the ballgame, which we don’t have anymore. Sunflower seeds, and then this is optional, if you have a red pepper, just throw it in there for color.

Diane: Beautiful.

Courtney: Of course, we have one and then…

Diane: I would stir it up first.

Courtney: Okay.

Diane: Yeah. Now, if you have a kitchen glove, you can put your hands in it. Go right ahead to do that.

Courtney: Okay.

Diane: Otherwise the tongs are really good.

Courtney: Well, I have tongs. Can I use tongs?

Diane: Yeah. Use some tongs

 Courtney: Okay. So, we’re going to… so you want me to toss it up before I put the dressing in.

Diane: Just a little bit like that.

Courtney: Okay.

Diane: And then we can show how beautiful it looks…

Courtney: True.

Diane: Without the salad dressing.

Courtney: Oh, so good.

Diane: So, like, let’s say, you know, whenever you go somewhere and you say dressing on the side, you could serve this without…

Courtney: Look at that.

Diane: The dressing also.

Courtney: It gets prettier every turn.

Diane: If people, you can add the dressing later, but if you’re preparing this and taking it…

Courtney: Gorgeous.

Diane: For a party…

Courtney: Gorgeous.

Diane: It’s better just to mix it.

Courtney: Yeah. So pretty.

Diane: Now if you want to keep it cool, you could also get another underlying bowl that’s larger and encase it with ice…

Courtney: Look at that.

Diane: Just to keep it cool as well.

Courtney: You’re going to be a hit with that.

Diane: Thank you. I’m already a hit with that I love it.

Courtney: All right. So, then we’ve got your famous lemon dressing here. We’ve just got a little bit of olive oil, a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, some cumin, some minced garlic and that’s it.

Diane: And it’s all fresh whole ingredients, just makes it really fragrant.

Courtney: Oh my gosh, this is so good. And you know what else? This would be good with my meatballs on top of it. Wouldn’t that be good?

Diane: Yeah.

Courtney: Or this with my walnut meat tacos. Just put that right on top of those walnuts…

Diane: I’m going to have to make that. That’s a great summertime too.

Courtney: Man. Okay. So, I can tell you…

Diane: Can you smell the garlic? Isn’t that just lovely.

Courtney: Smells delicious.

Diane: Oh my God. Can’t wait.

Courtney: So good. But I can tell you that this is great. If you want to eat it immediately, serve it immediately. But if you’ve got a couple of hours and you can put this in the fridge and really let that lemon dressing marinate in there, you’re going to be happy you did.

Diane: Absolutely smell that garlic girl.

Courtney: It smells delicious

Diane: Love it.

Courtney: You’re not going to be making out with anyone tonight Diane Sessoms.

Diane: Who says? One, two, three.

Courtney: Let’s see what we got. Okay.

Diane: Amazing.

Courtney: That’s really good. I do like it marinated…

Diane: A little bit more.

Courtney: Couple hours and colder, but it’s still delicious.

Diane: Yummy, oh my gosh.

Courtney: Diane, I’m feeling inspired my friend.

Diane: Are we going to make something else?

Courtney: Are you feeling inspired?

Diane: I am always inspired around you girl.

Courtney: Making raw coleslaw with my girl Diane Sessoms Bring this to your next party and you’re sure to impress them. No party is complete without a great coleslaw, so I’m glad we shared this sweet recipe with y’all. Hmmm it’s good and healthy to boot! And look at Diane, ain’t she cute? No, you don’t need a stove or an oven to cook. Just a blender, dehydrator, and Courtney Uncooked.

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