Episode 3 Show Notes

Episode 3: RAWlnut Hummus with Katie “Snappy” Goode

Intro: Courtney….Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like

my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they are get through. Absorbed into the body 

so that nothing gets lost, When you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the

boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay

your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots of fun,

Your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney: Hey, I’m Courtney Uncooked, and this is my girl Snappy, and today we’re 

going to make you happy and make you some delicious raw vegan, gluten free walnut 


Snappy: Oh wow I thought humus is made out of Chickpeas?

Courtney: Normally hummus is made out of chickpeas, but we don’t eat chickpeas 

round here Snappy because they give you gas. And who wants gas?

Snappy: Nobody!

Courtney: No, nobody wants gas. So we’re going to make a completely raw hummus 

today and it’s going to blow your mind. It’s going to be great. But before we get started, 

Snappy, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Snappy: My name is Snappy of Katie Good Photography. I specialize in women’s 

portraits ranging from commercials.

Courtney: She’s amazing.

Snappy: To outside portraits, to my favorite boudoir photography.

Courtney: Boudoir?  Aren’t those dirty pics Snappy?

Snappy: No, these are sexy empowering photos. Maybe we do some of you afterwards.

Courtney: Oh my gosh. I don’t think anyone wants to see that, but okay, thank you 

Snappy. All right, so you ready to get started?

Snappy: Yes let’s do this.

Courtney: Okay, actually, before we get started, make sure you like, subscribe, follow 

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Snappy: Show some social love

Courtney: Yeah, give me some love for Courtney Uncooked and for Katie Good 

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Snappy: It sounds fun to me.

Courtney: All right, so let’s get started. So first we’re going to blend up two cups of 

zucchini. I am going to let you put those in there. And then two cloves of garlic and all of 

our ingredients are always going to be the highest grade organic ingredients cause we 

don’t want any pesticides in our food. And then I always order my nuts in bulk on 

Amazon, you just get an amazing deal when you do this.

Snappy: Oh interesting.

Courtney: Yeah, when you go into the grocery store to buy raw nuts, they’re very, very 

expensive. So you always want to order on Amazon in bulk. And this recipe does have 

just a little bit of oil. So we’re going to add three tablespoons of oil. We’re going to get 

that going. Just going to put the little lid on here on our trustee Vitamix. And you know, if 

you can afford a Vitamix, I suggest you get one because with this lifestyle you are going 

to need one.

Snappy: Oh, absolutely.

Courtney: All right, so first we’re just gonna blend this up. As you can see, we 

need a little bit of help here. So I’m going to go ahead and add the lemon juice and let’s  

also go ahead and add the walnuts. And so these walnuts have been soaking in water 

overnight. You always want to soak any nuts or seeds you use overnight, a minimum of 

two hours if you’re in a pinch, but that’s going to get off all the acidic enzyme 

inhibitors and make these nuts really easy to digest. A lot of folks say, I can’t eat nuts. I 

don’t know how you live an uncooked lifestyle. And that’s because they’re not soaking 

the nuts first.  When you soak the nuts and blend them, it’s like they’ve already been 

chewed up and digested for you. They’re just going to go down really nicely and give 

you just a boost of protein and energy and not be hard to digest.

So we’ve soaked these and I’m going to have you strain them. I get these straining 

lids from Amazon, They’re great and easy. They just screw right on the top. I’m going to

 have you strain these and then we’re going to take two cups of the walnuts and add it 

to our mixture here. And then while she’s doing that, I’m going to add our spices and 

we’ve got cayenne pepper, paprika and cumin in here. And I just love Cumin. So we’re 

going to add that right in the mix. You’re going to measure out the two cups of walnuts.

And then the very last thing we’re going to add is the tahini. And you always want to 

add thick substances like nut butters last once you’ve got a really good mixture 

going on, it’s just nice to pour it in at the end and get a good consistency. 

Snappy: What’sTahini?

Courtney: Tahini is Sesame seeds. It’s kind of like an alternative to almond butter or  

peanut butter. I like to say it’s the more sophisticated version and it’s just amazing. It’s 

really good. So we’re going to add some raw tahini after we blend this up a little bit. 

I’m actually going to let you take over. Once we get all these chunks blended in, then 

we’re going to add the tahini in. Alright I’m going to go for it!  Alright I am just going 

to take the top off now and it  smells sooooo good already! 

Snappy: You guys should be jealous you can’t smell it. 

Courtney: I think you’re going to love this! So again, we’re always going to start off on 

low, especially with something thick like a nut butter. Okay, so one thing I always like to 

do, is taste it. There is also some salt that we need to add, but I don’t know about you, 

I’m not a huge salt fan.

Snappy: Not my favorite.

Courtney: I only like a little bit, so I’m just going to try it.

Snappy: How’s it tasting?

Courtney: That’s really good!

Snappy: Of course it is!

Courtney: I am going to add a little bit of salt, which is what the recipe calls for, just a 

little salt. We will give it one last blend for good measure then that’s it. We have got our  

raw vegan hummus. I can’t wait!

Snappy: All right, here we go.

Courtney: Let us get that salt blended in there. Turn it up. All right, we are good, and 

then I am just going to pour it in here. All right, excited Snappy?

Snappy: It is going to be so good! I cannot wait to try it! So are you only raw now?

Courtney: I would say I eat 90% raw food. I do use nutritional yeast from time to time 

because it has lots of B12 and I just love the flavor and some of my cheeses and things. 

I also love to start my day with a hot green tea.

Snappy: I love that too.

Courtney: I drink Megan’s Crunchy Hydration drinks and yeah, so I’m saying I’m 90% 

raw. Everything I do is definitely uncooked, but like sometimes I use maple syrup. Maple 

syrup is boiled down, tree sap. I didn’t cook it. It’s still uncooked with me, but it’s not 

technically raw. So I would say I’m 90% but I think if you do anything 100% you’re really 

just socially isolating yourself and you’re really being hard on yourself. If I go to a dinner 

party and they’ve got something really delicious that is vegan and gluten free, I don’t 

want to be rude. I will have some of it. I’m Probably not going to feel so great the next 

day because my body’s not used to it and definitely at home I don’t have anything 

cooked so again, I would say I’m 80 to 90%.

Snappy: What are the benefits that you have felt living the uncooked life?

Courtney: Well, I have tons of energy. I sleep better, I look better. My friends say, what 

are you doing? You look like you’re reversing in age because this stuff  just breathes life 

into you.

Snappy: Your skin looks so good!

Courtney: I am eating life instead of, you know, you are what you eat, you are definitely 

what you eat. And I’m eating just things that are alive. All right, so I’m  just going to give 

you a little spoonful and then we will just put this spoon in the sink because you know, 

 we definitely would not want to re-use it, but let’s just see what Snappy thinks. Honestly 

what do you think?

Snappy: Oh my gosh

Courtney: Yeah, you like it? I know. I really like it too. And the cool thing about this is 

that you do not have to just use walnuts. You can use almonds, sunflower seeds, 

pumpkin seeds and you can also substitute the lemon juice for a lime juice. And there 

are all kinds of substitutions, which I am going to give you in the recipe. So make sure 

you like, subscribe, follow, and hit that notification bell. And I think that we should do a 

little rap about this hummus that we made.

Courtney’s: Making some hummus with my girl Snappy. The stuff is so good, it’s 

going make you happy. Instead of beans, I use walnuts and zucchini. I’m like a 

magician…A real Houdini!  This stuff is so much better than traditional hummus. I’m 

going to convert  you. You’re going to be one of us. You don’t need a stove or an oven 

to cook. Just a blender, dehydrator and Courtney Uncooked.