Episode 33 Show Notes

Episode 33 Rasta Overnight Oats w/ special guest David Cuffee AKA Young Lion

Courtney: Hi, it’s Courtney Uncooked here with my dear friend, David Cuffee, AKA Young Lion, and we’re going to be making Rasta Overnight Oats. And at the end, David is going to perform his hit single: Greetings. So, make sure you stay tuned!

David: Yah mon.

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked, this is my dear friend, David Cuffee, AKA Young Lion and David and I have been friends for eight years and David is just one of those people you see him and you just start smiling from ear to ear. He has such good energy, he raises the vibration in any room, so I’m just so glad to have you here today. He’s very shy, so I’ve been trying to get him on the show since the very beginning and now he owes me a favor, so he had to come. So, he’s here today…

David: My pleasure.

Courtney: And, yes, I’m so glad that you’re here and he’s a wonderful musician and a contractor, but I love David too because like me he’s vegan and David, what made you go vegan?

David: Well, mainly for the animals and also, you know, for overall health, you know, it’s just…

Courtney: Yeah.

David: A better lifestyle I believe.

Courtney: And David used to make drums, but he’s so vegan that he quit because he got sick of wrapping the drum in a dead animal, so now he’s looking and toying with some other types of natural leathers…

David: Drum skins.

Courtney: To make…

David: Drum skins.

Courtney: Drum skins, yeah, to make his drums. So, I can’t wait to you know, buy one of your vegan drums.

David: Appreciate it.

Courtney: So cool.

David: Thank you.

Courtney: So yeah, you’re a great reggae artist are you…you’re not from Jamaica though, right?

David: I’m from Germaica.

Courtney: That’s right. Germany, Germaica. But you’ve been to Jamaica a bunch?

David: Yes. And when I go to Jamaica, I love this type of breakfast food right here, you know, overnight oats.

Courtney: Yes. So, I asked David, what do you want to make? And he said I love Jamaican peanut butter, cornmeal porridge. And so, I searched the world over to make you something that you like better than Jamaican cornmeal peanut butter porridge, and I think I’ve found it. And we…

David: We found it.

Courtney: We have all the same ingredients here except for the cornmeal.

David: Right.

Courtney: So, I think you’re going to like it and it’s super easy to make. So, we’re just going to go ahead and get started. So, I just take a big ball jar, it only takes one minute to the night before…

David: Wow that’s good.

Courtney: to make this. Yes, it’s super super easy. So, I just take two cups of oats and you can use any kind of oats you want, but rolled oats technically aren’t raw, you can find steel-cut oats, which is what we have here that are raw. So, any kind they’re all uncooked…

David: Right.

Courtney: But any kind of oats that you prefer. And then two cups of your favorite plant-based milk. Two cups of oats, two cups of plant-based milk, here’s my secret ingredient is a teaspoon of chia seeds, and chia seeds are great because they are full of fiber like the oats are full of fiber too.

David: That’s right.

Courtney: They’re also full of protein so this is such a filling dish. If you start your day with this, you’re not even going to think about food till dinner time.

David: Wow.

Courtney: So, this is great. Yeah, we’re going to add just a teaspoon of chia seeds and then you don’t have to sweeten it because we’re adding the fruit, but if you don’t…you know, you may not have any fruit, you may just want to have this plain. And if you have it plain, you probably want to put some natural sweetener and I’m just going to put a few drops of Stevia in here today, but again, I think the fruit will do the trick, but just to be sure. And then your Jamaican dish had some nutmeg, so we’re just going to add like a fourth of a teaspoon of nutmeg and then we just stir it up, little darling, stir it up.

David: Wow.

Courtney: Stir it up. That is it. That’s it. Just seal it tight, put it in the fridge. Now, if you’re making this the same day, you only need to do this for two hours, but eight hours is really going to be optimum because all of the oats are going to absorb…

David: Absorb it.

Courtney: That plant-based milk so…

David: Wow.

Courtney: Again, one minute the night before, and we just pop it in the fridge, but I’ve already done that for us. And so, I’ve got some steel-cut oats here and then some rolled oats. Which one do you want to try out?

David: I’ll try these.

Courtney: You want the steel cooked oats?

David: Yeah, I’ll try these.

Courtney: All right. You’re going really raw today. You just want to open them up and then take your same knife and again, stir it up. Yep.

David: That’s how you do it.

Courtney: You want to make sure you stir it up before you layer it in your jars. And so, these are special Rasta Overnight Oats. So, I made sure that I had you some red, yellow, and green fruit…

David: Of course, the green too.

Courtney: And it’s green and black.

David: Some kiwi.

Courtney: Yeah, the kiwi has the black seeds in it, so I have all your Rasta colors. And I chose these three fruits because they’re almost always in season. You can always get bananas, always get kiwi, and almost always get some good, delicious strawberries. Why did the farmer start a reggae band?

David: I have no idea.

Courtney: Because he was sick of Hall & Oates. 

David: That’s a good one.

Courtney: I like Hall & Oates.

David: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Courtney: Yeah. I could never get sick of Hall & Oates, who could? All right, I’ll do mine in reverse. Put some kiwi down here.

David: Wow this looks great. Simple to make. Looks very nutritious.

Courtney: Oh, yours looks good. So good. Healthy, delicious, also, if you have guests coming in from out of town, this is a perfect thing, this will really impress your guests. They’ll just think you have it together. So, let’s see. Going to get a bite here with a banana, a kiwi, a strawberry, and some oats. Oh yeah.

David: A little bit of this kiwi.

Courtney: I mean, why would you even cook oatmeal ever again, especially in the summer, it’s so light and refreshing.

David: This is incredible.Courtney:  Making overnight with my boy, David Cuffee. After only two hours all these oats become fluffy. Don’t forget about the red, yellow, and green fruit and when you layer up the jar you know it looks so cute. It only takes one minute to make the night before and all the ladies will be beating down your door. No, you don’t a stove or an oven to cook. Just a blender, dehydrator, and some Courtney Uncooked. I say Courtney, Courtney Uncooked. Oh yeah. Courtney, Courtney Uncooked. Oh yeah.