Episode 36 Show Notes

Bill’s Watermelon Salsa with special guest Bill Turner

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my friend Bill and today we’re going to show you how to make delicious watermelon salsa.

Bill: It’s delicious.

Courtney: It sure is. Stay tuned.

Intro Song: Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they all get through. Absorbed into the body so that nothing gets lost when you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots

of fun, your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney…Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my new and already best friend, Bill Turner.

Bill: Hi.

Courtney: And Bill is amazing. He just gives back to the community all day, every day and the way I met Bill is a really funny story. Brianna, my boss, and one of my best friends and I, we used to always do half marathons together. Well, since this pandemic stuff, they’ve all been cancelled, you know, everything’s, life’s been cancelled pretty much. So, we signed up for a virtual race called the social distancing run, and you could do… they trust you Bill to actually do the race.

 Bill: Wow.

Courtney: They mail the medal first and trust you to do it, yeah. So, we actually did our half marathon and I heard about Bill. I heard that there was this guy that gives out free water, which is right at about the halfway point for our race, because you know, it’s a virtual race there aren’t, you know, people giving you out water and screaming for you to go on, it’s just you and the world. So, we were counting on Bill because he was almost at the halfway point to be there with some free water and Brianna said, what if he’s not doing it because of the Corona? You know what, if he’s scared and he’s not doing it, I’m like, I haven’t met this guy, but he’s doing it, I know he is. And so, we got there and we were literally dying and I’m like, I heard it was on this street where he gives out free water and we found the water was right on your porch. He has a cooler of water that he gives out all day, every day and Gatorade and just what a blessing. And it was our lucky day because you were actually sitting on the porch and I was like Bill thanks. It’s me Courtney. The Lord sent me here. I mean, really, it was like out of the Bible, you were there with water for me after my long journey.

 Bill: Oh, what a blessing, yeah.

 Courtney: I know it was great. So, Bill, what did you think when, when me and Brianna just stumbled upon your porch?

 Bill: I thought who are these crazy ladies. Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah. We told you we were doing a marathon and you said a lot of people plan their races and plan their events around the water at your house. So why don’t you tell us just a little bit, like, how did that even start? Like, how do you say, you know, hey, I’m going to give out free water and Gatorade all day long?

Bill: Well, a little over two years ago, I was running with a club called J&A Racing Training.

Courtney: Okay.

Bill: And I have some crazy friends that like to run 20 miles at a time and so I would put water up on my porch for them on Saturdays and Sundays when they did their long runs. And then one day somebody that I didn’t even know, asked if they could have water and I mean, what am I going to tell them, you know, get off my yard?

Courtney: Some people would though. A lot of people unfortunately today would say that.

Bill: So, you know…

Courtney: I wouldn’t say that.

Bill: I ended up shortly after that I started putting water out seven days a week.

Courtney: That’s awesome.

Bill: And it’s out there all the time, even if you want to run at 11 o’clock at night, there’s water and sometimes Gatorade out there.

Courtney: That’s really nice. And you said a lot of people now donate the water and donate everything and you’re not even having to buy it anymore, you’re just always constantly keeping the ice out there.

Bill: Right, right. Exactly. I have a lot of the local running clubs, North End-Run Club, J&A Racing, a number of others, a lot of individuals that donate  water, Gatorade.

Courtney: So cool.

Bill: Sometimes I’ll find a dollar bill or a $5 bill or even a 20…

Courtney: Yeah, I know Brianna donated $10, yeah.

Bill: And that helps with ice and things like that.

Courtney: Well, in honor of you loving water and giving water to everyone, and I know that you also like watermelon, I decided that we should make a watermelon salsa today.

Bill: That sounds wonderful.

Courtney: Yes. And the way I got this recipe is almost as interesting as meeting you. I actually peeled the sticker off a watermelon Bill and the recipe was on the back of it.

 Bill: Wow.

Courtney: And I thought, you know, how many times do we peel recipes off veggies and stuff and they look so good and we never make it? You should probably make it because if the company’s putting it on and giving it to you, it means they want their product to be…

Bill: Absolutely.

Courtney: On display at its best. This is amazing. It is so simple, so easy and it came from a sticker so I call this Bill’s watermelon sticker recipe.

Bill: Wow.

Courtney: Yes. Just for you straight off the sticker.

Bill: I’ll be famous.

Courtney: And I really created this for you because you are one in a melon Bill, one in a melon. There’re not many people like you today, so this recipe is just for you. So, what we’ve got here are two cups of just chopped up watermelon. And you know, a lot of people think that you can’t eat the watermelon rind and you can. They use it for stir fries in Japan and all over the world. So, it’s full of antioxidants and nutrients. I’ve never done it, but you can do that.

Bill: My mom used to make pickles…

Courtney: Yeah? With the rind. Wow. I’ve never had a watermelon rind pickle. And then we’ve just got some red onion or any onion that you’ve got in your refrigerator. If you’ve got to go get an onion, get a red onion for the color, which, you know, it always amazes me, this is a purple onion, but yet it’s called a red onion. So…

Bill: And preferably local onions.

Courtney: Yes, yes, very much so. And then this is the secret ingredient. This is an Anaheim Chili or any sort of sweet pepper that you can get. You don’t want to use a jalapeno pepper or anything spicy for this, just any sort of sweet chili you can get at the store. And the sticker says Anaheim chili, but this is actually a Cubanell because they didn’t have Anaheim chilies and you know, I just said hey, what other sweet peppers do you have? And it’s delicious with this. So, just a little bit of pepper and then some balsamic vinegar, and then a little bit of garlic salt. Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?

Bill: I don’t know. Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?

Courtney: Because they can’t elope Bill.

Bill: That’s hilarious.

Courtney: They cannot elope. All right, look at that.

Bill: Oh, that’s unbelievable.

Courtney: That is, it. Did you know that watermelons are both a fruit and a vegetable?

Bill: I just found that out.

Courtney: Now you know. But they’re full of antioxidants and they’re full of something called lycopene, which they say prevents cancer. So, eat watermelon, they’re 92% water, they’re going to hydrate you and keep you cool. So, as long as these things are in season and you can get them, eat them. And did you know that seedless watermelons are not genetically modified? I always thought they were, but it’s actually from a natural process of hybridization that watermelons are becoming more and more seedless as the years go by, so eat the watermelon, eat the seedless. All right. Let’s see what you think Bill. Oh my gosh, what do you think?

 Bill: I love the onions.

 Courtney: How easy is that?

Courtney Rapping: Making watermelon salsa with my boy Bill, it tastes even better after it’s been chilled. I like watermelon, you can eat it by the pool or wherever you’re chillin. Take this to an event and it will be a hit, no you can’t deny that this stuff is legit. No, you don’t need a stove or an oven to cook. Just a blender, dehydrator and Courtney Uncooked.