Episode 44 Show Notes

Episode #44 Raw Vegan Chili with special guest Chad Jackson

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked here with my dear friend, Chad Jackson of Chad Jackson Arts, and today we’re going to show you how to make a delicious, raw vegan chili. It is amazing. So stay tuned and make sure you watch till the very end to see Chad, this guy dance! Stay tuned.

Intro:  Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they all get through. Absorbed into the body so that nothing gets lost when you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots of fun, your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney…Courtney Uncooked. 

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my friend…

Chad: Chad.

Courtney: And we are Courtney and…

Chad: Chad.

Courtney: Yeah. And I just love Chad so much. We’ve been friends for, I don’t know, about 10 years, Chad…

Chad: Yeah, 10 years.

Courtney: And you are the best because you are just a ray of sunshine. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had, what has happened to you when you see Chad Jackson, your heart just smiles.

Chad: Smiles.

Courtney: Does anything ever get you down Chad, ever?

Chad: No it’s great.

Courtney: Life’s just great all the time.

Chad: All the time.

Courtney: No matter what. Gosh, you’re such an inspiration to all of us and you know, I know you’re being an inspiration to those with down syndrome and I can tell you what down syndrome means for Chad Jackson is one thing. He is down to do anything. You’re down to dance, down to party, down to act, down to work at your job every day, always down to help a friend. You’re the best friend and the best guy I know Chad and I am absolutely honored to have you in my kitchen today and to have been your friend for all these years. And I just really want to thank you for just being you all the time, because you are the best buddy. You know that? You’re just awesome. But Chad works out every day. How many hours a day, Chad?

Chad: Day and night and, well, morning, noon, and night.

Courtney: Morning, noon, and night. That’s right. That’s how you look like this. He is ripped!  No, really I know that you work out at home at least 90 minutes to two hours every single day.

Chad: Day and night.

Courtney: Day and night. Yes, you’re ripped. And then you take dance lessons every single week. So, I want to show you how to make Chad’s Chili. Chad’s raw vegan chili, Chad, and we’re not even going to cook this. And we’re going to start off with six cups of tomatoes. I love cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. How about you? 

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, I do. 

Courtney: Yeah, who doesn’t? In fact Chad, what type of tomato smells the best? A Roma.

Chad: A Roma!

Courtney: That’s right Chad, a roma tomato smells the best. So we’re going to put in some tomatoes and then we’ve got two large ribs of celery and we have two red bell peppers that we’re going to put in. Thank you, Chad. And you want to hand me the corn Chad? We’ll have some red onion, you like red onion?

Chad: Yeah, I do.

Courtney: Okay. And Chad, speaking of corn, what do you call a corn cob with only one kernel? A unicorn!

Chad: Funny.

Courtney: This is the zucchini. I’m going to let you hand it to me. Yes. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Starting to look good, isn’t it, Chad? 

Chad: Yeah, it looks great!

Courtney: And we’ve got some cilantro here. Actually, save that for the end Chad.

Chad: Alright.

Courtney: Oh, it’s okay. That’s our vegan meat that we made in episode 15. It’s Walnut meat, doesn’t that sound great?

Chad: Yeah.

Courtney: And then we’ve got some cashew dill sour cream we’re going to put on the title of our chili when we’re done. So, now we’ve got everything in this big bowl and we’re just going to mix it up. And what we’re going to do, Chad is put half of it in the food processor, leave half of it in the bowl, mix them together. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Great job. Yep. Okay, that’s perfect. Yeah. 

Chad: It’s freedom. 

Courtney: Yeah. It is freedom eating raw vegan is totally freedom for your health Chad. Oh, good job. Yup. Yup. All right. So, we’ll take about half, what do you think Chad? I think that’s good. I think so. Thank you Chad. We’ll take about half of that and leave half in the bowl, see that? And then we’re just going to process this really nice. Yeah, Chad. Okay. So, we’ll just stand back and just let it do its magic. Get that nice and blended up.

Check out Chad on Facebook, Instagram, he’s got his own YouTube channel, it’s amazing. And he’s Chad Jackson on Facebook and then I think on YouTube and Instagram, you’re Chad Jackson Arts. And if you want to be inspired, just check out what this young man’s doing every day, there’s no excuses. Yes, Chad. Yep. You’re going to just mix that up and mix that together. Perfect. Man, I need you over all the time, honey, you just do everything for me. Isn’t that easy Chad?

Chad: Yeah. 

Courtney: Yeah just mix it real good. Chad, it looks perfect. You got it all mixed up. So, now we’re just going to add some spices. 

Chad: Oh, okay.

Courtney: You got some chili powder and you want to put that in?

Chad: Sure.

Courtney: The salt, yep, there you go. Yep and some cumin. 

Chad: Alright.

Courtney: Perfect. And then you want to put in that Oregano right there. Right here. Yeah. Just put that right in there. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh Chad doesn’t that smell good? 

Chad: It does. Yep.

Courtney: It smells delicious. Alright so we got all that in there and then the last thing we’re going to do, yeah and just drop that right in there, is put in some garlic. 

Chad: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Garlic it up!

Courtney: Yes. Garlic is very good for you. 

Chad: It’s like freedom.

Courtney: It is like freedom. That’s going to be your new hashtag. This is like freedom. 

Chad: It is for me.

Courtney: You know, Chad, that’s what you really stand for is freedom. You know that? Because you’re free from everything that people think they need. All you care about is happiness and you’re happy all the time, aren’t you bud?

Chad: Yeah, I am.

Courtney: So, you’re totally free. That is gorgeous. All right. So let me…

Chad: All right.

Courtney: Let me fix you up here. 

Chad: All right. 

Courtney: So, this is going to be your chili.

Chad: Right.

Courtney: Okay. Then I’m going to put you some walnut meat on top. Just a little dollop of your… look at that Chad. That is all raw vegan, not even cooked, all the nutrients totally intact. Let’s see what you think and Chad doesn’t lie so whatever Chad says is the truth. You want to give it a try? Okay. Make sure you get the meat, the sour cream, the chili, get a little bit of everything. All right. He’s going for it. What do you think, Chad? 

Chad: Awesome and perfect!

Courtney: Awesome?

Chad: Yup.

Courtney: Yeay!! Chad approved. So, I love this chili. The first time I ever had raw vegan chili, Chad, was at the Woodstock Fruit Festival and this guy, Chris Kendall made it. He always comes out with amazing raw vegan recipes and Chris is truly an inspiration to me and one of the reasons I’m here today. So, definitely check out Chris Kendall and go check out my boy Chad.

Courtney Rapping: Making raw vegan chili with my friend Chad and it’s the best darn chili we’ve. I got the recipe from my boy, Chris Kendall and it’s so delicious that it’s almost simple. It tastes really good with sour cream on top but you don’t need a lot, just a little dollop. No, you don’t need a stove or an oven to cook. Just a blender, dehydrator and Courtney Uncooked, and Chad!

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Courtney: Chad Jackson performing Bobby Blackhat’s hit single, You Got Me Running.

[Music- Bobby Blackhat You Got Me Running].