Episode 8 Show Notes

Episode 8 Tanya’s Chocolate Strawberry Parfait w/ special guest Tanya Hurwitz

Intro: Courtney….Courtney Uncooked. I’m Courtney Uncooked cause that’s how I like

my food. The vitamins and the minerals, you know they are get through. Absorbed into the body 

so that nothing gets lost, When you start eating raw of your health you’ll be the

boss. Raw vegan for my health and you know that health is wealth. To help you stay

your best, we will welcome special guests. So let’s go make a recipe and have lots of fun,

Your healthy living journey has just begun cause I’m Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

Courtney….Courtney Uncooked.

 Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney Uncooked and this is my great friend Tanya, and we hope 

that you had an amazing Valentine’s day and you know, here in America we like to drag 

our holidays out. Nobody has a birthday anymore. It’s a birth month. And so we’re just 

going to ride the wave of love and keep Valentine’s day going. Who needs President’s 

day when you can just extend Valentine’s day? So that’s what we’re doing today. And I 

don’t know about you, but you know, a lot of times when I think of Valentine’s and love, I 

think of strawberries and chocolate. I just think strawberries are probably the most 

romantic food there is. And so my friend Tanya has the most delicious raw vegan 

strawberry parfait. We’re going to make it today and I cannot wait.

 Tanya: I’m hungry. I’m ready.

 Courtney: Yes. So it’s really interesting how I met Tanya. We met a few years ago. I 

was actually at a reggae show. We are both reggae and raw food enthusiasts. And her 

son actually came up to me and grabbed my hand and started dancing with me and 

then led me over to Tanya and put my hand in her hand. And that’s how we met years 

ago. And we’ve just been really good friends ever since. She has great energy.

She’s an amazing chef. I look up to her, she’s inspired me. She’s one of the people who 

inspired me to do this. And she’s definitely the first person I call her and Paige Welch 

when I need help with a recipe and I don’t know what to do or what to add she has a 

unique gift of just being able to tell me what do to over the phone without even tasting 

the recipe and I think to myself: that won’t work. And  then I do it. I’m like, Whoa it 

worked. So I’m really, really excited to have Tanya here today.

 Tanya: Thanks for having me

 Courtney: Thanks for coming. All right, so let’s get started. What do we do first?

 Tanya: All right. So what we’re going to do is start with our crumble and we’re going to 

do walnuts and raisins together in your food processor. So we want to kind of blend 

that for like coarse sand, like consistency. For this recipe, we’re using the soaked 

walnuts for sure. And then the raisins, that was a cup of each. And so we’re going to let 

that go for a little bit. Kind of pulsing it periodically, giving yourself a little beat there. So I 

think that’s looking pretty good.

 Courtney: I’m not seeing sand it looks like hunks of raisins but don’t want a real fine 


 Tanya: Let’s take a look, can we open it up? Yeah, So that’s looking pretty good to me 

cause we’re gonna add more ingredients and so I think we should add the coconut now 

and let that blend into there.

 Courtney: That’s three fourths a cup of coconut.

 Tanya: And I would wait, just wait on that first second. Yeah, just let those ingredients 

kind of do a dance for a little bit. The chocolate is kind of like the final note. And then we 

have sea salt and a little vanilla. So I’m just gonna reach in and do a little pulse here. 

Let’s see how we’re looking. This is the crumb magic.

 Courtney: Cacao! Two tablespoons

 Tanya: Here do you want to add the salt.

 Courtney: A pinch of salt.

 Tanya: And the vanilla just to kind of, give it a little love vibration there.

 Courtney: All right, so that’s it for the crumble.

 Tanya: Yep. Right. Looks good.

 Courtney: Cool.

 Tanya: Right. Here’s the bowl, I’m gonna dump that out.

 Courtney: That’s really good. Super.Teamwork!

 Tanya: Yeah, absolutely. It’s so fun to be able to cook with your friends. Love that.

 Courtney: Or uncook with your friends.

 Tanya: That’s true, right? Even better.

 Courtney: Okay. And now we’re going to make the custard and we’re going to use our 

big bowl for the food processor for this one and the big blade. And what are we going to 

add first?

 Tanya: So we’re going to start with your raw soaked cashews.

 Courtney: Two cups, soaked, rinsed and drained.

 Tanya: I love how simple this is. So we have three-quarter cups of date water. We’re 

only gonna use just a quarter of it. Just to start with less because it’s better to be 

conservative with your water because you can’t take it out once you have it in there. 

That way you can control the thickness. I love how simple this is. It is so simple and so 


 Courtney: Is that good? What are we looking for? What kind of consistency are we 

looking for?

 Tanya: Wow, that is an amazing Cuisinart. Let’s take a look. We might just need to 

scrape the sides down a little bit. Wow, that looks amazing. Looking just a little dry, but 

it’s nice and processed down well. So let’s just do a touch more date and let that go.

 Courtney: Date water.

 Tanya: And then see how that looks. We’ll put the strawberries in just in a moment.

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 Tanya: So while that’s going, I’m going to start spooning in here. I’ll use my hand cause 

their clean. All right, that looks good.

 Courtney: So I love when we make parfaits and now we’re just going to… After we 

make the custard, layer it in jars because if you’re like me and you don’t know how to 

portion control, it forces you to, you only get one jar so you get a perfect little serving 

amount and its great.

 Tanya: That’s true. It’s a great rule thumb to like give yourself five, ten minutes before 

you eat more just to see if you feel full yet. Yay!!! Strawberry Parfaits!!

 Courtney: Okay. I’m just going to let this go now until It’s like a custard, pudding-like 


 Tanya: Smells so good and I love the color. We eat with our eyes and our senses.

 Courtney: Perfect. All right. I’m just gonna take the blade out.

 Tanya: I love how simple and quick this is and delicious. Like just a few ingredients and 

you’ve got like some yumminess.

 Courtney: Can we just put this right into there. Save a step. Put it right into the jar.

 Tanya: Oh yeah, absolutely. I can’t wait for you to try it.

 Courtney: I mean, these are great snacks for your kids on the go to take to school for 

a healthy lunch. If you’re going to show a bunch of houses, just put one of these in your 


 Tanya: Take an extra for a friend though.

 Courtney: That’s right. That’s true.

 Tanya: Preparing your food in advance is always just an act of love because you get 

busy and you’re running out the door and you’re like, ah, I got something I can grab real 


 Courtney: Yeah. This is great meal prep. Yum, it smells so good.

 Tanya: So it looks like we have just enough. That’s good. I’m sure we can scrape that 

and get a little bit more.

 Courtney: And then this is what you taught me last time with any of this stuff that you 

have left, you just roll it into a ball, let it sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour or just 

eat it. A couple of little snacks. Something different to take on the go. You know, you 

can also top your parfait with a ball on the top. And that’s kind of cute too. So the 

possibilities are endless my friend, this was so fun. I love it. That’s really good.

 Tanya: Strawberry and creamy. Got that little cookie-crumb layer. You’re going to love 


 Courtney: I’m really feeling inspired.

 Tanya: Oh, great. I’m feeling it too girl.

 Courtney: What’s your feeling?

 Tanya: I’m feeling that inspiration going?

Courtney Rapping: Me and my girl Tanya making strawberry parfaits, they taste so 

darn good that I could have it every day. The crumble at the bottom is definitely the 

bomb…It’s made from coconuts, walnuts, and raisins, but don’t forget the custard it’s 

made from strawberries. Your friends won’t even believe that it contains no dairy… No 

you don’t a stove or an oven to cook  just a blender, dehydrator and Courtney 

Uncooked.  Courtney…..Courtney Uncooked.