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Courtney Uncooked Episode 65: Vegan Powerade

This week’s Vegan Powerade is simply your daily dose of celery juice! It is so good for you, it will definitely help you reset your system this holiday season!

Courtney Uncooked Episode 64: Delicious & Simple Kale Salad

This week’s kale salad is sure to keep you satisfied! Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and is packed with vitamins and minerals! Remember these three words: Taste-Energy-Love.

Courtney Uncooked Episode 63: Most Delicious Pumpkin Seed Meat You Will Ever Make

This week we have delicious pumpkin seed meat! Our raw vegan pumpkin seed meat is made with sun-dried tomatoes and pumpkin seeds, of course! This recipe is not only fantastic for the holiday season BUT makes a great meat substitute for all of your favorite meals!

Courtney Uncooked Episode 62: Best “No Tuna” Salad You Will Ever Eat

This week we have an amazing “no tuna” salad! Our raw vegan tuna-less salad is made from sunflower seeds & will have you coming back for more.

Courtney Uncooked Episode 61: Tanya’s Tasty Tabbouleh with special guest Elizabeth Sanderson

This amazing tabbouleh (tabouli) recipe will have you feeling super empowered! Instead of rice we use cauliflower! Super tasty & healthy!

Courtney Uncooked Episode 60: Raw Fudgesicles

This week’s fudgesicles are going to be a fantastic way to beat the heat this Summer!! Super simple and delicious!

Courtney Uncooked Episode 59

This week’s bright & vibrant “service call” smoothie is out of this world. It is so refreshing you can drink it everyday!

Episode 58:
Summer Succulent Salad

This succulent salad made with cactus is so unique!! Cutting the cactus takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it, this salad will become a summer staple!

Episode 57:
Thin Mints with special guest
Page Bishop

This week we have a delicious sweet treat you are going to love! Our raw vegan thin mint cookies are only 5 ingredients and will keep you coming back for more.

Episode 56: Lemon Ginger Blast Juice with special guest
Rob Oliver

This week’s Lemon Ginger Blast Juice is extra delicious! It even helps get rid of heavy metals! You are going to love sipping this concoction.special thanks to Aj Dybka for the amazing recipe!

Episode 55: Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub with special guest
Crystalynn Cox

This week we have the perfect coffee scrub! It will make a great Valentine’s Day treat for your special someone! Ditch the junk & make your own all natural products. Your body will thank you!

Episode 54 NYD: Liquid Gold Smoothie with Special Guest Sarah Lucento

Happy New Year’s Day from the one and only Courtney Uncooked!! See ya later 2020, can’t say we will miss you! Me and my girl Sarah are ready to start our first day of 2021 sipping on our delicious Liquid Gold Smoothies!! This is an awesome Winter smoothie because it will actually warm you up. Sit back, relax & cheers to you!

Episode 53: Year in Review

What a wild year 2020 has been with Courtney Uncooked!! This year in review is the perfect reminder of all of the fun we’ve had! There are so many emotions associated with this past year but we want to leave this on a high note- sit back & reminisce on some our best times. See you next year! And as always, don’t forget to watch until the end!

Episode 52: Raw Peanut Butter Cookies with Special Guest Santa Matt!

Happy Holidays from Courtney Uncooked!! This week’s recipe is brought to you by my dear friend Santa himself!! What better treat to leave for Santa this Christmas then your very own raw peanut butter cookies & fresh blended chocolate nut milk!? I absolutely love both of these recipes because they are relatively simple AND extra delicious!

 Episode 51:  Basic Body Butter with Chynel Denson

This week’s recipe is really exciting because it is a product we haven’t brought to you before! This body butter by my dear friend Chynel Denson is so luxurious. Have fun exploring a recipe outside of food! It is always good to make your own products so that you know EXACTLY what is going on and into your body.

 Episode 50: Moqueca De Banana Da Terra with special guest Abe Hughes

This week’s Brazilian dish is a raw vegan spin on fish stew & it is amazing! Based around plantains and coconut it will really have you hot and bothered! This exotic recipe will really have your tastebuds exploding. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

 Episode 49:  Kelp Noodles with Special Guest Anastasia Galitsyna

This week’s kelp noodles are so unique & delicious! They have been my friend Anastasia’s go to dish for years! All you need to do is cut and soak the kelp noodles then make the sauce! I absolutely love the tomato-based sauce, it really makes for a savory dish!

 Episode 48: Raw Vegan Cauliflower Ceviche with Special Guest Christina Carey

This week’s raw cauliflower ceviche is so refreshing & a little spicy! We just softened the cauliflower using boiling water and then coated it in lime juice, oil & spices. We added cherry tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, jalapenos & avocado then voila- the perfect ceviche! Serve chilled & enjoy!!

 Episode 47: Traveling Nogi Smoothie with Special Guest Rebecca Lawlor

This week’s Traveling Nogi Smoothie is out of this world! It is the perfect treat to curb any sugar cravings. It’s a delicious blend of almond milk, banana & cacao. With the flax seed it is also a great meal replacement smoothie.

Episode 46: Champion Pumpkin/Carrot Juice with Special Guest Stephen Zawisa

This week’s pumpkin carrot juice is absolutely delicious and so easy to make in our new Champion juicer! We love to juice & find it super empowering AND we love the Champion juicer because they are made in the USA!! Give this juice recipe a try for your next “Meal-less Monday.”

Episode 45: Raw ChickUN Salad with special guest James Brinkley

This week’s raw, vegan chickUN salad to phenomenal! You can eat it on it’s own or in a wrap! I prefer collard wraps- they are delicious! One of my favorite parts of this dish is that no chickens were harmed in the making of this recipe- we use the very versatile cashew seasoned up to give us the meaty texture & flavor!

Episode 44: Raw Vegan Chili with special guest Chad Jackson

This week’s raw, vegan chili is absolutely amazing! This chili is delicious because we don’t only use veggies. The walnut meat and vegan sour cream on top make for a winning dish! And like my dear friend Chad would say -it is just like freedom!

Episode 43: Bob’s Broccoli Bites with Bob Langston

This week’s raw, vegan broccoli bites are delicious! They are a great way to eat your veggies! The Dijon mayo for dipping is the absolute perfect pairing!

Episode 42: Mock Salmon Cucumber Cups with
special guest
Jessica Fitzgibbons

This week’s cucumber cups are absolutely perfect appetizers for parties, especially tea parties! The mock salmon mousse is delicious. Your friends won’t even know it’s missing the fish because of the nori we use. It pairs amazing with the fresh cucumbers making a delectable snack. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Episode 41: Tableside Guacamole with Steve Forss

Straight outta quarantine! Our silky nice cream this week is absolutely amazing! We are featuring 3 different sauces so there is one to please everyone- wild berry, chocolate & caramel! Our nice cream recipe is simple with just blended frozen bananas & plant based milk. Give this recipe a try & let us know what you think! Be sure to let us know which sauce is your favorite!

Episode 40: Walnut & Kale Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Happy Fall ya’ll! This week’s cherry walnut salad is sure to get you out of your boring salad rut! The real star of this dish is the homemade dressing that features walnut oil and pomegranate vinegar! Give it a try & let us know what you think! Tune in until the end to hear our special guest Suzie O’Neal sing her hit song “Any Other Way.” Today’s episode is dedicated to our dear friend Sam Kern. He was not only a huge supporter of the show but was also a wonderful inspiration to us. He will be truly & dearly missed.

Episode 39: Jaime’s Nice Cream Bar

Straight outta quarantine! Our silky nice cream this week is absolutely amazing! We are featuring 3 different sauces so there is one to please everyone- wild berry, chocolate & caramel! Our nice cream recipe is simple with just blended frozen bananas & plant based milk. Give this recipe a try & let us know what you think! Be sure to let us know which sauce is your favorite!

Episode 38: Catherine’s Pampered Chef Pesto Zoodles

This week my dear friend Catherine helped me take a fantastic cooked recipe and make it RAW! These pesto zoodles are so delicious and super simple to make, especially if you use some of the amazing products shown on this week’s episode! One of the best parts of leaving your ingredients raw, is that you do not lose any of the nutrients & vitamins! Give this recipe a try & let us know what you think!

Episode 37: Julz’ Raw Pad Thai

Happy Labor Day everyone! This week’s recipe is a lot of chopping & slicing BUT it is so worth it AND if you get some of the amazing Pampered Chef devices I show on today’s episode it will make it so much easier! This delicious raw pad thai is crisp & colorful. The peanut sauce is so yummy it will have you licking the bowl!

Episode 36: Bills Watermelon Salsa

This super refreshing watermelon salsa is delicious! Just chop up the ingredients and let it chill, then enjoy! Don’t let it fool you though, you don’t need to treat it like a sauce, you can eat it as a salad on its own. It is the perfect summer treat to help you beat the heat!

Episode 35: Kevin’s Raw Glazed Donut Holes

We have some fantastic raw donut holes for you this week that make a great breakfast or snack! These are definitely one of my favorite “hole” foods. All kidding aside- I hope you enjoy this week’s recipe. I really enjoy them with the glaze, but remember, you can leave this off.

Episode 34: Sammi’s Surprise Butter Cups

This week’s surprise butter cups will keep you guessing at every bite! They are quick little treats that you can make with all different nut butters and fillings. We used peanut butter on the show but you could give it a twist with almond butter, macadamia nut butter & more! Then you can change up your fillings- we did coconut flakes, bananas, raisins & cashews. Be sure to share your favorite combos with us!!

Episode 33: Rasta Overnight Oats

This week’s Rasta overnight oats are delicious and easy make! They are great for breakfast or as a midday snack! We prefer kiwi, banana & strawberry to give the Rasta look but you could definitely change up the fruits to your preference. I also like to add chia seeds because they are so good for you!

Episode 32: Chocolate Nice Cream

The all-new episode of Courtney Uncooked is here! This week’s delicious chocolate nice cream is too good to be true! It is so rich and creamy! Using avocado instead of banana is a great way to switch up your standard nice cream recipe like we did today.

Episode 31: 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls

This week’s peanut butter balls are so quick & easy to make! With 3 simple ingredients you can enjoy this delicious dessert on the go! You can also change up the toppings to make a wide variety of peanut ball options to please everyone. I really like to add coconut or blueberries to mine! Give these a try and let us know how you like to customize them, enjoy!

Episode 30: Pineapple Smoothie Boat with Gabriella Quattrone

My dear friend Gabi & I are definitely excited to eat! This week’s recipe is not only delicious but it is also resourceful because you actually use the pineapple shell as your bowl! I absolutely love the thought of a “no waste” meal! I hope you find this smoothie boat as refreshing as we did! Enjoy!

Episode 29: Diane’s Down Home Raw Slaw

This week’s raw slaw is going to be perfect for cookouts during these hot summer months! It is crisp & refreshing and you do NOT have to worry about it going bad because there is no mayo. The slaw is packed with Vitamin C which not only promotes a healthy immune system (which we all need right now!) but also promotes elasticity. You can even customize this “party in a pan” with some of your other favorite veggies like broccoli or asparagus!

Episode 28: Sensi Trails Mix

Ladies & Gentlemen!! The one and only Kyle Rising from the hit reggae band Sensi Trails was in the kitchen this week!! Kyle is in town from Cali..and I knew he needed to be on the show so I could teach him this quick snack that he can take on tour with him! This Sensi Trails Mix is not only easy to make but it is delicious too! One of the greatest things about this recipe is there are endless possibilities for what you can add to it! And remember- Just Live It 😊

Episode 27: Awatif’s Sick Beet Salad

I was so lucky this week and got my ONE wish granted-a beautiful Moroccan friend to help me make a golden beet salad! I absolutely love the vibrancy of this dish. The golden beets are not only beautiful but they are great for vitamins, fiber & detoxing! I hope you enjoy it as much as do!

Episode 26: Matcha Mint Smoothie Bags

This week’s recipe was inspired by Jacki Welch’s special trip to Japan. In these crazy times we all need to remember to stay happy, stay centered & be strong. Matcha is green tea that is specially grown in shade which intensifies the caffeine and antioxidants. These matcha mint smoothies also make a great dessert because they taste just like mint chocolate chip ice cream!! I hope you really enjoy this amazing smoothie!!

Episode 25: Raw Cornless Tortillas with special guest Charles De Amor Clarke

Just in time for Taco Tuesday, I have these delicious raw cornless tortilla shells & chips to top just the way you like them! I prefer mine with some of Charles’ amazing salsa and tons of veggies! I hope you get some tasty inspiration!

Episode 24: Rebekah’s Reverse Salad

It’s time to switch up your salad! You’re probably used to seeing salads that are mostly leafy greens on the bottom with a few veggies, fruits, nuts and dressing on top, but this week’s REVERSE salad is a salad with a twist. It’s full of raw veggies and a raw, vegan green dressing on top. It’s something totally different, and I know you’re going to love it!

Episode 23: Mary Sydney’s Simple Strawberry Smoothie

It’s strawberry season in our area, and there are so many delicious and healthy recipes you can make with strawberries. What I love about this smoothie though, is how EASY it is to make. I hope you’ll try it at home!!

Episode 22: Victorious Lime Deodorant

When life gives you limes…make deodorant? It might sound crazy, but this simple vegan deodorant recipe really works!! We talk a lot about the ingredients we’re putting into our body when we eat, but it’s SO important to think about what’s going on the surface of your body and being absorbed by your skin. So give it a try!

Episode 21: Raw Citrus Spaghetti Sauce

I love this raw, vegan spaghetti sauce recipe because it brings the traditional Italian flavors of spaghetti, but is light and fresh, perfect for a hot summer night! What’s the secret ingredient?? Freshly squeezed orange juice!

Episode 20: Maple Syrup Monday Cleanse Cocktail

Happy #MapleSyrupMonday! This week’s recipe is a simple vegan cleanse that has given me the extra boost of energy that I’ve needed these last few weeks! It’s only 4 ingredients and it’s an easy way to give your body a chance to reset and feel good.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 19: Courtney’s Quarantine Salad

Out of tough times, beautiful things can be created! That was the case with this week’s “Quarantine Salad.” I was hesitant to go to the store and wanted to try to make something delicious with the ingredients I had available to me. The result was an all-new raw, vegan salad creation.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 18: Wilde Berry Pudding

It’s crazy how 3 ingredients can be packed with so much flavor! This “Wilde Berry Pudding” is so easy, and of course totally raw and vegan. Watch until the end to get the full recipe. #StayRawYall Important warning: Even though my dog cupid was a great helper on this week’s episode, don’t feed this to your furry friend, as grapes can be toxic to dogs and other pets. Save all the delicious pudding for you and the human members of your family!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 17:  Malati’s Mango Chia Pudding

This recipe was so delicious, the hardest part for me was WAITING for your chia pudding in the refrigerator overnight. But trust me when I say this raw, vegan chia pudding is worth the wait, and your body will thank you for fueling it with such nutritious raw ingredients. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron, and calcium. Plus, coconut cream is great for the immune system, which we all need an extra boost right now! Can’t wait for you to try it.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 16:  Raw Chocolate Bird’s Nests

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up, the birds are chirping and we’re making delicious raw, vegan chocolate bird’s nests to celebrate the season! These “bird’s nest” desserts are SO easy to make and they’re full of raw nutrition. Pro tip: Put them in the freezer for a few minutes to harden before eating.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 15: Dacia’s Walnut Street Tacos

Tacos are one of my favorite foods, so I was excited to try this raw, vegan recipe with my friend Dacia from Honest Pastures. When it comes to delicious vegan ingredients and plant-based alternatives, she’s definitely a pro and I can’t wait for all of you to try it at home.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 14: Darien’s Raw Jelly Date Rolls

What’s one of the most important things when it comes to making a delicious raw, vegan recipe? According to Darien, it’s the FLAVOR of the food! We know vegan food can be delicious too, and these Raw Jelly Date Rolls are full of delicious raw ingredients and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 13: Boss’ Brussel Sprout & Walnut Salad

Brussel Sprouts are the star of the show in this week’s episode! If you’ve never tried raw brussel sprouts before, you’re going to love this recipe. It’s full of flavor with a great crunch and, of course, it’s raw, vegan and super healthy.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 12: Tiandra Wilde’s Fluff

This is my FAVORITE episode so far!! If you haven’t watched any of our episodes until now, you need to watch this one! Not only are we featuring my friend Tiandra’s raw, vegan “Fluff,” but I am so excited to have my friend and musical artist Laurel Wilson as my guest star. Make sure you watch to the end for your free recipe, but also to hear Laurel perform her new hit single!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 11: Paige’s Go-to Kale Salad

Today’s kale salad recipe is sure to become one of favorites. Thank you, Paige for sharing this delicious Kale Salad with us!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 10: Sarah’s Raw Carrot Cake

Raw carrots are highly nutritious and a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. They’re also the star of today’s show! We’re making Sarah’s Raw Carrot Cake.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 9: Patti’s Party Slaw

Who doesn’t love a party? This Week’s “Party Slaw” is a party for your tastebuds, and of course it’s easy and fun to make!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 8: Tanya’s Chocolate Strawberry Parfait

This week on Courtney Uncooked, we’re making my friend Tanya’s delicious raw, vegan Chocolate Strawberry Parfait. It’s a delicious combination of strawberry custard and a walnut crumble on top. Watch until the end to get the full recipe!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 7: Noce Amore Balls

It’s Valentine’s Week, and nothing says ROMANCE like Italian meatballs, or in our case raw, vegan nutballs. Now that’s amore! This week’s guest was my friend Denila Nicotra. She’s always cooking the most delicious Italian food for her friends and family, so I was so happy to be able to share this Italian recipe with her. Hope you and your valentine enjoy this week’s “noce amore.”

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 6: Tamra’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

There’s nothing better than a guilt-free dessert, especially when it’s CHOCOLATE. I had so much fun creating these raw began chocolate peanut butter balls in this week’s episode with my friend Tamra.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 5: Sesame Asian Salad with Jonah Shaver

It was so much fun to collaborate with vegan Chef Jonah Shaver on this week’s episode. This raw, vegan sesame Asian salad is full of flavor and delicious raw veggies.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 4: Macadamia Nut Mac & Cheeze

This week’s episode is a raw, vegan Mac & Cheese, the “mac” stands for macadamia nuts, with carrots, peppers and other raw ingredients. It’s the best “cheese” you’ve ever tasted!

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 3: RAWlnut Hummus

This week’s episode is our own twist on hummus, made not from chickpeas but zucchini and walnuts! I’m sure you’re going to love this “Rawlnut” hummus treat with all your favorite veggies.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 2: “Chavocado” Pudding

On this episode of Courtney Uncooked, we’re in the kitchen with Paige Welch from Empowered Plant Cakes making her chocolate avocado pudding OR as we like to call it “Chavocado” Pudding. Watch until the end to get the full recipe and see this week’s freestyle recipe rap.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall

Episode 1: Raw Seasonal Fruit Granola

It’s the world premier of Courtney UnCooked! I’m so excited to be be able to launch my new weekly video series with one of my favorite recipes and special guest star Megan Riggs from Crunchy Hydration. Hope you enjoy one of my favorite raw vegan, gluten-free recipes.

Enjoy! #StayRawYall